Outdoor furniture provides an aesthetic and a comfort for the places around your home that you treasure most. Whether it’s a bench or a couple of chairs and a table, or a variety of pieces that are organized adjacent to a pool or outdoor kitchen, the style and coziness they provide can bring your entertaining and relaxation to another level. When it comes to fashion, function, Summer Classics outdoor furniture offers. 

How Long Has Summer Classics Furniture Been in Production?

Summer Classics outdoor furniture was founded in March of 1979. The Summer Classic products were born from what its initial CEO, Bew White III, would consider for his backyard. What began as a modest company based in Birmingham, Alabama, quickly grew to be one of the premier outdoor furniture providers.

Today, Summer Classics is a premier, luxury outdoor furniture manufacturer that offers high quality, modern, resin wicker, wrought and cast aluminum, teak, and wrought iron furniture, complete with exclusive fabrics outdoor cushions. This line of high-end furniture can be ordered a la carte or in sets and complemented with a full line of patio umbrellas, marble, granite, faux stone tabletops, and other accessories. 

How is Summer Classics Furniture Designed?

Sophistication and elegance never go out of style. This is why Summer Classics rarely changes their methods. From design to production, Summer Classics is dedicated to providing the highest level of performance. With a focus on timeless pieces and classic designs, the team at Summer Classics uses modern technology and resources to provide the highest quality designs and production.

How is Summer Classics Furniture Manufactured?

From wicker to wrought iron to teak and beyond, each piece of Summer Classics furniture is meticulously crafted. It takes two years and eight prototypes before a new piece can be available. This attention to detail means that you are getting a thoroughly designed and built piece of furniture.


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What Materials are Summer Classics Furniture Available In?

Summer Classics furniture is available in a wide array of materials. There is a material to match your tastes and needs, from wrought iron and aluminum to teak and wicker.

Can Summer Classics Furniture be Set Around a Pool?

Summer Classics furniture is perfect for pool deck lounging. Whether you opt for wicker, iron, aluminum, or teak, there are various styles and materials that can suit your preference and comfort. These furniture pieces are designed and built to withstand the elements, as well as the wear and tear that accompanies a pool deck.  

Can Summer Classics Furniture be Placed Near an Outdoor Kitchen?

Entertaining in south Louisiana is goes hand in hand with comfort around the cooking area. An outdoor kitchen brings in the breeze, warmth, sunset, and starlight of an evening with the smells and sounds of meals being prepared. Summer Classics furniture is ideally suited to provide comfort, space, and ambiance to an outdoor kitchen.

How do You Care for Your Summer Classics Furniture?

Caring for any outdoor furniture is an important task. Keeping your furniture covered during bad weather is always a good idea. Using a solution of dish soap and water is a great way to scrub almost any fabric or material. If you notice any stains or build-ups, you can use a soft bristle brush, along with a soapy solution to remove it.

If it’s time to buy, update, or upgrade your outdoor furniture, the experts at Casual Creations in Baton Rouge have the experience and advice to help you make the best selection.

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