What Are the Benefits of a Gas Fire Pit?

Whether you’re gathering the family for stargazing or entertaining friends over a flame, a gas fire pit allows for extra flexibility in both the size of your fire and your ability to cool it at a moment’s notice. Regardless of the fuel source you choose, a gas fire pit offers a number of benefits over a traditional wood-burning flame. 

  • Precise heat control: Both propane and natural gas fire pits utilize small dials to control the amount of fuel released to the fire. This level of precision can allow for low flames on warm summer nights and high heat on chilly fall days — both without the typical trial and error methods of wood logs.
  • Environmentally friendly operation: Propane, natural gas, and gel/ethanol fire pits produce a flame that’s entirely clean burning. With no harmful by products, soot, or ashes, these environmentally friendly fires are smart choices if you want to keep your air cleaner.
  • Quick starts and stops: Whipping up a few s’mores on a cool night doesn’t have to be a major operation. Gas fire pits offer push-button spark ignitions, electronic or hot-wire ignitions, and even match-lit starts for quick enjoyment. Turning the flames off is just as easy with a flick of a dial or even a simple blow.
  • Ability to customize: Because of their clean-burning qualities, gas fire pits allow you to add custom fillers to change the look of your backyard feature. Whether you choose fire logs, lava rock, or shades of fire glass, you can change your fire pit’s look for every season with just one small swap out.

What Types of Fuel Can be Used for a Gas Fire Pit?

Gas fire pits can be energized with several different types of fuels. Propane can be used in the traditional 20-pound tank variety. These tanks use a standard push-button spark ignition, and allow for an adjustable flame, and can be easily turned off. Natural gas is another option. You can tap into your home’s natural gas source, or install a new line for your fire pit. This offers an advantage of providing a steady, consistent, and reliable fuel source, without having to make refills. Gel and ethanol fire pits are another option. This type of fuel source is set with a match, however, they do not off the ability to adjust temperature, but do allow for easy extinguishment.


Are Gas Fire Pits Easy to Clean?

One of the ideal things about a gas fire pit over a wood-burning fire pit is avoiding the accumulation of ash and soot. However, a gas fire pits can still receive dirt and other debris over time.

Before cleaning a gas fire pit, it’s important to shut off the gas supply or remove the propane tank that feeds the fire pit itself. From there, a simple solution of soap and water is generally best to clean burner pans, tabletops, vents, and other accessories. This is also a good time to sweep away any rocks, leaves, or other debris from vents and other parts of the fire pit.


Gradually Increase the Temperature with a Gas Fire Pit

Perhaps the best advice you can give to a client with a newly installed gas fire pit is to always increase temperatures gradually when using the fire pit itself—especially during times of very cold temperatures. The reason for this is that cranking up a gas fire pit to its highest temperature right away can be harsh on the stone around the fire pit itself. Even natural stone (such as granite) can crack under significant temperature changes within a short period of time. It’s best to play it safe and increase temperatures gradually instead.

By allowing the fire pit to warm up slowly before increasing temperatures further, the stone has time to acclimate to the environment. 


What Type of Cover Does Your Gas Fire Pit Need?

The best way to avoid the accumulation of debris in a gas fire is to use a quality cover that will protect it from the exposure of the elements. There are many types of covers available, ranging from vinyl and canvas to stainless steel. Always place it over the top of the fire pit when it is not in use; before putting the cover on, the fire put should have a chance to cool down, or be completely extinguished.


What Accessories Can be Used with a Gas Fire Pit?

Gas fire pits can be arranged, designed, and installed in a variety of ways. From tables and pits, to materials to fire rock, and other accoutrement, you can truly make this type of fire pit your own. Tables offer comfort and a space for drinks and snacks. Bowls provide a smaller footprint with the same amount of warmth. Columns can be used in a variety of places to add ambience, warmth, and light. Opal, lava, and crystal fire stones can each compliment your existing décor, and add flair to what will surely be the centerpiece of your outdoor entertaining area.

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