What is a Fireplace Tool Set?

The most common item you’ll see on any hearth is a fireplace tool set. This classic, yet handy collection of instruments has just about everything you need to maintain a fire and the fireplace. Typically these sets are comprised of five pieces that include: a poker, a shovel, log tongs, a broom, and a stand. Even if you have a gas fireplace, these tools can add a sense of nostalgia to any room.


What do Fireplace Grates Do?

In order to create better oxygen flow for the vibrance and heat of the fire, a fireplace grate lifts your logs into the air. These grates also keep your logs stationary, allowing ash to fall under the grate, allowing for more convenient clean up.


Are Ash Buckets Useful?

For a woodburning fireplace that creates embers and ash, an ash bucket can be an easy and convenient way keep your fireplace clean. While designs vary, you’ll likely have a shovel that makes discarding the remains of each fire simple. Some buckets have a raised foot design to prevent the bucket from heating up its surrounding area.


Can Individual Fireplace Tools be Purchased?

Whether you need replacement tools, or don’t feel the need for an entire set, individual tools can be purchased and added to any fireplace setup. If you need a different size, different style, or simply want to try something new, you can make any combination of fireplaces unique to your needs.


What is a Fireplace Bellow?

One classic fireplace tool is a bellow. A bellow feeds air into the fire that can helping with a waning flame or for ignition. These tools come in a variety of materials like leather, vinyl, or fabric.


What Options are There for Firewood Storage?

The critical ingredient for a wood burning fireplace is wood. Storing and organizing wood is essential to a convenient and comfortable fireplace experience. From firewood covers to log holders and outdoor firewood racks, storing your wood indoors or outdoors has never been easier.


Are Fireplace Doors a Good Idea?

Fireplace doors create a barrier between your home and the chimney. This barrier prevents warm from escaping in the winter and cool air from escaping in the summer when the fireplace is not in use. There are a variety of styles and materials that a fireplace door can be made from, making it easy to match your taste.


What do Fireplace Screens Do?

Similar to fireplace doors, fireplace screens prevent embers and ash from leaving the fireplace. A screen acts more like a curtain and it can be moved, or parted, from side to side. There are also decorative screens that feature doors, or an aesthetic barrier between the flame and the room.


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