Two words that can succinctly describe south Louisiana are “outdoor” and “kitchen”. When you put these terms together you have the perfect recipe for the ultimate residential venue designed for cooking, dining, and entertaining. You can transform your patio or any other outdoor space into an outdoor kitchen. Bring all of the amenities and comforts of your home’s kitchen out to complement your grill, patio furniture, pool, or wherever you like to unwind outside. Here are a few things to consider if you are planning to build or add on to an outdoor kitchen.

What Type of Grill Should be in an Outdoor Kitchen?

The grill tends to be the centerpiece of the outdoor kitchen. If you think about it, the grill is the original outdoor kitchen. It replaces the oven and stove and brought your cooking endeavors outdoors. You may have a preference between gas and charcoal, and there are great choices for both. Smokers and infrared grills can also expand your culinary prowess. The Big Green Egg is an excellent choice for an outdoor kitchen. It can also complement a gas grill like a line from Del Sol, Delta Heat, Holland, Memphis, Napoleon, Twin Eagles, and more. These high performing grill lines feature a variety of different components and configurations allowing you to completely customize your outdoor kitchen.

What Appliances Should be included in an Outdoor Kitchen?

Your outdoor kitchen amenities don’t have to stop at with a grill and some counterspace. There are a variety of useful appliances that can be included in your outdoor kitchen. Save trips from running in and out of your house with an outdoor refrigerator. This is a convenient option and will help keep your outdoor meals organized. An ice maker is another creature comfort that is perfect for entertaining. A warming drawer can help to ensure that everything you prepare is ready when you and your guests are.  Outdoor lighting is another important consideration for both safety and style.  These are only a few suggestions, but there really is no limit to what you can add to your outdoor kitchen.

What type of Outdoor Furniture is Best for an Outdoor Kitchen?

Outdoor furniture enhances the comfort and style of your outdoor kitchen. You have many options to choose from to meet your taste and needs. With a variety of materials and designs you can accommodate a wide range of seating. From tables and chairs to loungers to end tables, fire tables, ottomans, and more, your outdoor furniture options are endless for not only your outdoor kitchen, but any patio, pool, or deck space.

Can Cabinetry and Other Storage Features be Included in an Outdoor Kitchen?

Just like your regular kitchen, cabinetry, shelving, storage space and organization should be a key consideration. Having a place to keep dishes, utensils, grilling tools, cleaners, towels, and other amenities will make cooking and entertaining outdoors more convenient. Both over and under the counter cabinets can be installed based on your design. Drawers can also be a nice feature for easy access to knives and other instruments.

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