Relaxing and entertaining in the outdoor spaces around your home is wonderful to spend time in the evenings and on weekends. This is why Homecrest Outdoor living is committed to creating a variety of stylish, high-quality furniture products that range from seating and tables to other outdoor essentials.

How Long Has Homecrest Furniture Been in Production?

In 1953 the goal of creating a better ottoman, or hassock in Wadena, Minnesota led to the founding of Homecrest. With an increase in the popularity of outdoor eating and entertaining, Homecrest had a market for its expanding selection of outdoor furniture products. Today, their style-driven designs provide sophisticated, high-quality collections that are available in a variety of finishes and materials to meet all tastes.

How is Homecrest Furniture Designed?

Homecrest has several different collections, designed to provide something for every discernable taste. With a wide variety of materials and fabrics, Homecrest has something for everyone.

Can Homecrest Furniture be Set Around a Pool?

Homecrest furniture is perfect for pool deck lounging. No matter what materials you choose, you can instantly add style and comfort around your pool. These furniture pieces are designed and built to withstand the elements, as well as the wear and tear that accompanies a pool deck.  

Can Homecrest Furniture be Placed Near an Outdoor Kitchen?

Entertaining in south Louisiana is goes hand in hand with comfort around the cooking area. An outdoor kitchen brings in the breeze, warmth, sunset, and starlight of an evening with the smells and sounds of meals being prepared. Homecrest furniture is ideally suited to provide comfort, space, and ambiance to an outdoor kitchen.

How do You Care for Your Homecrest Furniture?

Caring for any outdoor furniture will maintain its appearance and extend its life. 

Keep your furniture covered during bad weather to keep it protected from excessive moisture and debris. When cleaning use a solution of dish soap and water to scrub almost any fabric or material. If you notice any stains or build-ups, you can use a soft bristle brush, along with a soapy solution to remove it.

Does Homecrest Offer Any Warranties?

Homecrest offers warranties on their many products. Depending on the material each piece is made from, the amount of protection you have will vary. The expert staff can handle all of your Homecrest warranty questions and needs.

Let the experts at Casual Creations in Baton Rouge help you make the best selection the next time you are updating or upgrading your outdoor furniture.

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